Project Sense

Environmental monitoring of vessel emissions using helicopters and UAVs

Project Sense introduces a cost efficient and reliable system for monitoring emissions from ships during cruise using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and helicopters in combination with AIS data and advanced data analysis to sample plumes and detect non-compliant behaviour enabling effective enforcement of applicable emission regulations.

Project Sense awards environmental authorities a much needed tool in the prevention of air pollution at sea.


The Project Sense system is designed to intelligently seek out, sample, and deliver sensory data in situations where manned inspection is difficult and/or traditional monitoring technology too costly to apply.

This patent-pending technology is based on a simple fixed-wing UAV airframe, open-source flight control technology and low-cost NDIR and electrochemical sensors coupled with a cloud-based data acquisition and analysis platform.

Because the system is autonomous it can be pre-program-med to carry out a specific flight mission based on realtime AIS data and other parameters such as wind speed and direction. No special flight skills are required to operate the system.

Based on the sampled emissions and flight data, the system enables the detection of any vessel not complying with emission regulations.

Project Sense helicopter testflight, September 2015.
Fotograf: Niels Ahlmann Olesen

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